Hairline Feathering

Hairline Feathering

Hairline Feathering is the revolutionary and transformative cosmetic procedure of applying pigment to the hairline in the form of a realistic, hair-like strokes to improve the appearance of the hairline or add density to a thinning or receding hairline.

Precise, ultra-fine strokes are applied to the hairline in a pigment that is matched to the exact colour of the hair, which allows for seamless blending, resulting in a natural and effective result. Hairline feathering has long-lasting, semi-permanent results, making it an ideal treatment for those who want a safe cosmetic treatment to instantly improve the appearance of their hairline.
At BioCell Cosmetic Clinic, we care about your hair loss journey and will ensure your treatments are performed to the highest standard in our cosmetic medical clinic, surrounded by highly experienced and qualified cosmetic nurses and doctors.

Sydney Hairline Feathering
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What is hairline feathering?

Hairline feathering, which can also be called hairline microblading, is the process of adding thin stroke lines in between the hair, usually in the hairline or hair part, to create the illusion of a naturally fuller hairline and denser, thicker hair. These lines are placed strategically between the natural hair strands, using a semi-permanent ink that is the colour of the existing hair.

Who is hairline feathering best suited to?

Hairline feathering is ideal for those who want to restore a hairline that is thinning or receding, fill in temples and part lines, as well as create a hairline that will frame and contour the face. As hairline restoration can be the hardest area to achieve hair growth, it is a great option for those who want immediate results, who have not had success with other hair regrowth methods or those who have never had a full hairline to start with.


Hairline feathering can:

  •  Improve the appearance of thin hair
  • Disguise the signs of hair loss
  • Restore a receding hairline
  • Fill in an open part and sparse temples
  • Provide structure to an uneven hairline
  • Frame and contour the face

How does it work?

Hairline feathering involves a handheld device that inserts a semi-permanent pigment into the scalp. The feathering technique involves thin, delicate strokes in the same shade and style as the existing hair, to blend in seamlessly and achieve a natural result. These added strokes emulate hair strands to create the appearance of fullness and allows for added dimension and hue to the scalp and hair. The feathering style is designed to complement your unique skin and hair type and the results can range from subtle to impressive, depending on the desired effect.
Each treatment is customised to the individual, so come in for a free consultation where our qualified and experienced SMP and Hairline Feathering specialist can create a treatment plan uniquely for you!

How long does it last?

Hairline feathering is a semi-permanent procedure with results that can last several years. However, due to natural regeneration of the scalp, touch-ups may be required every 12-18 months to maintain fullness and colour. Results can be prolonged with proper aftercare.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the area of scalp that needs to be covered and complexity of the case. Check out our prices page for a guide, however, consultations are required to get an accurate quote. More than one treatment may be needed (ie. a touch up after the healing process is complete), and this will be discussed with your practitioner.

Does it hurt?

Most people find the procedure relatively pain free, as topical numbing is applied to the scalp before the commencement of treatment, as well as during the procedure itself. This ensures that the treatment is as comfortable as possible!

Do I have to shave my hair?

Absolutely not! The staff at BioCell are trained to carefully place ink in between the hair strands without the need to shave. This is one of the many benefits to feathering, as it is designed to add fullness in between the existing hairs.

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